5 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Soft Cervical Collar

Dec 21


Meena Rai

Meena Rai

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  1. What is Soft Cervical Collar?

Soft cervical collar is designed for the sole purpose of relaxing your neck muscles and lowering discomfort in the neck. These braces are suitable for those who have neck pain or suffering from any kind of neck injuries. Doctors consult their patients to wear these collars after surgeries. There are basically two types of cervical collars namely soft cervical collar and hard cervical collar.


  1. What is the Use of Soft Cervical Collar?

Soft cervical collar can be used to lower neck pain or while sleeping. With everyone busy in their life it’s normal that one suffers from neck pain,5 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Soft Cervical Collar Articles sitting for 6 to 9 hours on desk job can be a starting point for your pain. What you can do is wear soft cervical collar at your office. This soft neck collar provide neck support and restricts any sudden movement, it will reduce the chances of having neck pain. You can also wear it while sleeping or you can wear it at your daily schedule.


  1. Where to Buy Soft Cervical Collar?

Soft cervical collar are available at medical stores where you can choose from different designs and fabric materials. You can also ask your doctor to guide you with some durable braces or you can buy cervical collar online as well. One of the benefits of purchasing soft cervical collar via online is that you can choose your preferred one from wide range of braces and that too at affordable price.


  1. What Size Should I go for?

There’s no specific size meant for certain neck problem, it all depends on size of your neck. Don’t go with braces that are too tight, that will put pressure on your neck thus not allowing your muscles to recover. If you’re not sure about what size of brace you should go with, then the best thing here to do will be to consult a doctor that will guide you. No matter what kind of health aid product you purchase, whether it’s a knee support brace or cervical collar, the best thing to do will be to consult the doctor first and then purchase it.

  1. How to Care for cervical collar?

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that, there’s no point of purchasing a good quality neck brace if you are not going to take proper care it. Regularly wash your brace with clean water and use soft detergent to wash it. Do not use those harmful chemicals to clean your neck collar.