How good are Canadian solar panels for your house?

Apr 7


AYKA Solar

AYKA Solar

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Who are Canadian solar panels? Canadian Solar had been a major participant in the solar industry since 2001. As of 2020, this Chinese solar brand has over 12,000 employees spanning the globe and is now the 5th largest solar panel producer today. The Canadian Solar PV modules are a well-liked choice for householders and commercial-scale projects because of their diverse range, substantial market presence, and competitive solar panel pricing.

Where do Canadian Solar panels rank when it comes to efficiency?


Canadian Solar modules have 120 cells. The newest modules in their monocrystalline range have reached over 20% solar panel efficiency (with their Ku range); however,How good are Canadian solar panels for your house? Articles compared to the high-powered monocrystalline modules from the premium producers, this is a mediocre result. 


What solar cell technology do Canadian Solar panels use?


Canadian Solar has followed suit with many major solar panel producer and is offering PERC integrated cells for their modules. They’ve branched into split cell modules, following the lead of other well-respected producers to give them a panel with more prestige and solar panel performance over and above their standard modules, without rising overall solar panel pricing significantly. Canadian Solar has additionally developed a double glass module that should be considered for coastal locations.


Where are Canadian Solar panels made?


Regardless of the name of the company being Canadian Solar, they didn’t manufacture in Canada until 2011. Many of the solar panels’ production work is carried out in China because there, the company can turnover high manufacturing value at the lowest cost possible.


Not only in China and Canada, but a huge bulk of manufacturing is also carried out in Indonesia, Brazil, and Vietnam as well. However, they’ve 17 totally different manufacturing facilities spread throughout America and Asia. Most of their manufacturing operations are carried out in Ontario, Canada, and China. If you’re an Australian resident, it’s most definitely that your module came from China, but it’s not certain.


Canadian Solar Warranty


This Limited Product Warranty ensures that for 25 years, the applicable solar panels should be free from any defects in materials and workmanship which have an adverse impact on solar panel performance under normal application, installation, use, and service conditions as specified in Canadian Solar’s standard product documentation.


This new 25-year Product Warranty will apply to all residential rooftop installs from 1st July onwards utilizing the following products:


 *  CS3L-XXXMS black frame or all black module


 *  CS3N-XXXMS black frame or all black module


 * CS7A-XXXMS (black frame or all-black module) (IEC 1000V&1500V)


Canadian Solar warranty also has a 25-Year Limited Performance warranty.