Nintendo DS Lite Review

Jul 2


Matthew Cristini

Matthew Cristini

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Within this article, I have provided an un-biased review on the video game system, Nintendo DS. Wondering what I think of it? Check out the article to find out.


This is a Nintendo DS review. Before I begin,Nintendo DS Lite Review Articles it's important to note that there are actually two different Nintendo DS's. One being the original, and then of course the revision being the Nintendo DS Lite. Within this review, I will specifically be talking about the Lite version of the DS.

First off, the DS Lite is definitely smaller and lighter than it's original version. It's also very sleek and can easily fit in your pocket. So as soon as you open up the console, you'll notice right away that it has two screens (hence the name DS "Dual Screen"). The screens are positioned in a vertical manner, with one screen located on the top of the console, and the other screen located at the bottom of the console.

You have two speakers located on each side of the top screen. The sound that comes out of these speakers is actually quite decent, but doesn't compare to the quality of sound when using your headphones. Located in the middle of the system is the microphone. Then at the bottom, we have your standard D-Pad, X, Y, B, A, Start and Select buttons.

Located on the very top of the system, you have a slot for your DS games, port for your charger (this is to re-charge the built-in battery), and your R and L buttons. Located at the very bottom is a slot for your Game Boy Advance games, a volume slider, and a headphone jack. On the side, you have your power button, and a slot for the stylus.

I have had my DS for a while now, and in terms of raw functionality, this system performs like a champ. I've dropped my DS several times (by accident of course), and it shows absolutely no signs of "giving up." So, do I recommend this product? Considering that I have spent more time playing my DS then I have any other video game system, my answer is a resounding yes!