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How It Works For Publishers

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1. Regular Content Orders

Receive regular orders from buyers to publish fresh and high quality content on your website, earning money in the process

2. Transparent Pricing

Utilize our transparent pricing form and take advantage of the industry's lowest markup fee, granting you the freedom to establish your own pricing structure

3. Enhanced Website Rankings

Boost your website's search engine rankings and drive more traffic through sponsored content

4. Task Acceptance Control

Maintain control over the content on your site by accepting or rejecting tasks from buyers

5. Guaranteed Payment

We are guarantee that all your tasks are paid at the time of task acceptance, and funds are reserved until the task is completed

6. Instant Payouts

Enjoy instant payouts of your earned funds without any minimum thresholds or delays

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How It Works For Buyers

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1. High Authority Backlinks

Secure your top-tier backlinks from sites with a DA/DR 60+ domain rating with traffic, driving both organic and referral traffic to your platform

2. Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Discover the most cost-effective prowess of guest blogging, a wallet-friendly alternative to paid advertising that delivers lasting results

3. Real Dofollow Links

We are evaluating all dofollow links to ensure they are accessible to search engine crawlers and can effectively pass on backlink authority to enhance your website's profile

4. Money Back Guarantee

You have the option to select available publishers, taking into account their policies regarding Money Back and Link Replacement

5. Explore Publication Options Effectively

Utilize more than 10 convenient filters to identify the most suitable publishers, and select an appropriate publisher

6. Real-time Publishing

Benefit from instant guest post publication and experience no turnaround time on prominently featured high-authority websites

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Still Have Questions?

Read our answers to most frequently asked questions

How do I start a guest posting?


If you're looking to promote your website via a guest posting, the first step is to sign up. Once you've done that, you'll be directed to the "Buyer Dashboard" page. Within this page, you have two options: you can either click "Search Publishers" to explore available websites and pick a publisher who will publish your content, or you can "Add Article" first and then proceed to browse available websites and select a suitable publisher

How much does guest posting cost?


The cost of a guest post on a specific website is determined by the Publisher, who holds the authority to publish content on that site. This role is typically fulfilled by the website owner, although at times, a contributor authorized by the owner might handle content posting. Moreover, pricing is heavily influenced by the metrics of the website, including its Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR), web traffic, Time to Publication (TAT) policies, and assurances like Money Back guarantees and Link Replacement

Could you send me a list of all the websites?


Unfortunately, but we can't offer that list in a downloadable format like a spreadsheet. Our marketplace consists of nearly 40,000 websites, and all of them will become visible and accessible for your guest posting orders once you've logged in

Is there an option to submit my guest post for free?


Indeed, we have a select number of websites that allow guest post publication free of charge. Currently, you'll only need to provide the content for the guest post publication in this case


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