Why Did Walter Kill Walter JR in Breaking Bad?

Nov 21


Jane Scaplen

Jane Scaplen

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In the fictional universe of the television series Breaking Bad, Walter White kills his son, Walter Jr., due to a tragic series of events and the culmination of his descent into darkness. Initially, Walter Jr. is unaware of his father's involvement in the drug trade. However, he begins to suspect something is amiss when he notices his father's sudden wealth and erratic behavior. Walter Jr. tries to distance himself from his father, but Walter White becomes increasingly paranoid and controlling, believing that his son is in danger from his enemies.


In the final season of Breaking Bad,Why Did Walter Kill Walter JR in Breaking Bad? Articles Walter White's paranoia reaches a boiling point. He believes that his son is conspiring against him and that his life is in danger. In a fit of rage, Walter White kills his son, believing that he is doing it to protect him.

The killing of Walter Jr. is a tragic consequence of Walter White's descent into darkness. It is a reminder of the devastating impact that violence and drug trafficking can have on families.

Is Walter Jr actually Walter White's son?

Yes, Walter Jr. (also known as Flynn White) is the biological son of Walter White and his wife, Skyler White. 

Is Walt Jr disabled in real life?

Yes, the actor who plays Walter Jr., RJ Mitte, has mild cerebral palsy. He was born with the condition, which affects his motor skills. Mitte has been open about his disability and has used his platform to advocate for people with disabilities.

Did Walt Jr get the money?

Yes, Walter Jr. eventually receives the $9.72 million that his father, Walter White, left behind in the Breaking Bad series finale, "Felina." Vince Gilligan, the show's creator, confirmed this information in an interview.

In the episode, Walt had instructed Gretchen Schwartz and Elliott Schwartz, his former college partners, to give the money to Walter Jr. when he turned 18. Gretchen and Elliott agreed to do so, and it is presumed that they followed through on their promise.

Do you think Walt Jr. is in the wrong?

We believe that Walter Jr. is in the wrong is a matter of personal opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, and there are valid arguments to be made on both sides.

Who killed Walter White?

Walter White's fate is sealed when he triggers a rigged machine gun hidden in his car, killing himself and Jack's remaining gang members. His death marks the end of a dark and tumultuous journey, leaving behind a legacy of destruction and loss.