Writing Press Release That Effectively Generates Publicity

Aug 23


Roberta Barrow

Roberta Barrow

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Writing press release involves following a format necessary to structure it effectively. Follow some tips on writing press releases that are sure to attract the attention of readers.


Writing press release is the beginning of gaining the attention of the public about a product or a service that you can offer to the public. Press release is written to announce a wide variety of news such as personnel promotion,Writing Press Release That Effectively Generates Publicity Articles upcoming events, accomplishments and more. The press release must be written appropriately so that it can help you achieve the goals for which it was written. To do this, you must know the right format to follow in press release creation.

The Headline

It needs to be clear, brief and direct to the point. The headline itself should be enough to convey the main point of the press release. It may be helpful to create the headline once you are done with the contents. Take out the most important word from your content and come up with the most attention-grabbing statement based on this. Come up with a title that can grab the attention of readers and journalists. For example, you can state in the headline what recent accomplishment an organization has accomplished. Write them in bold. Use present tense of verbs and avoid using 'to be' and the determiners 'a' and 'the'. Capitalize the first word and other proper nouns instead of capitalizing every word in the title.

The Body Copy

Write it according to the way you want it to appear if written in a news story. The journalists you want to attract are busy people; they might have no time at all to research about your company so they are likely to get everything they will use in their write up from your written press release. Indicate the city and the date from which the press release came from. The first sentence should be written in a way that it will draw the reader's attention and succinctly tell them of the event. This will be the lead that can sum up what the whole press release is all about; the succeeding sentences will expand on this lead.

Make the body copy compact; with no long paragraphs and sentences. Do not repeat or use fancy words. Make it simple, yet striking. Provide actual and concrete facts by answering the questions who, when, what, why, how and where. You can also add informational links supporting the press release. It will be a good idea to log the press release on your company website and include this link on the press release. The end of your press release must be signaled placing three hash symbols (###) below the last line.

Company Information

A journalist would need to mention critical details about your company in the news story he/she will write. Create a section where you will write about your company's details and entitle it as such. Create 1-2 paragraphs with 5-6 sentences each that includes description about the company. At the end, include a sentence that points to the company website. The link must be complete and exact, rather than obscuring it in phrases or words like 'click here'. Add your information or of key people whom journalists may contact if they find your press release quite interesting.