All You Need to Know About Parking in New York City

Apr 8




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Living in New York City is a beautiful experience regardless of how you look at it. Parking in New York City,All You Need to Know About Parking in New York City   Articles on the other hand, is precisely the polar opposite. Even the thought of finding parking in NYC brings in plenty of nightmares and memories that you need to stay away from. New York City is one of the leading cities to have been marred with parking problems for a long time, and though there has been a genuine improvement, there is still no solid solution. New York City is also one of the leading candidates in the list of worst cities for parking in the United States. Yes, the parking experience has become much better than it was before. You could get access to parking garages much more accessible now than how it was two-three years ago, but has the city overcome the obstacles of parking in NYC altogether? Not by a long shot!  

What is the root cause of all this trouble and uncertainty regarding parking in NYC? For starters, let’s say that there are just not enough parking spaces to accommodate a large number of cars on the street. There are just way too many automobiles out on the street, and the number keeps getting bigger and bigger each day, but the parking garages or, let’s say, parking spaces are not expanding at a similar rate. The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) is also pretty active and vigilant when it comes to ensuring that all traffic violations are dealt with through expensive parking citations. There is also the issue of complex rules and regulations like Alternate Side Parking (ASP) which further make the challenge of finding parking in New York City even more difficult, especially for the millions of visitors who arrive from different parts of the United States and foreign countries as well.   

So how can you overcome all the difficulties in finding affordable parking in NYC and get the best deals? Is it even possible to get cheap parking garages in New York City? What are the conventional NYC parking rates, and are there any parking hacks available that will let you park for cheaper rates? Do I need to park outside the city and hire a cab, bus, or train to get to my New York destination? These are questions that come across anyone who plans to drive into New York City but is unsure about where to go for parking in NYC.   

If you are new to New York City, make sure not to miss this point – but all of NYC is a giant tow-away zone, and unless you park legally, you will be towed away regardless of who you are. You cannot just randomly park anywhere in New York City. The parking go for should be a legal spot, and always keep an eye out for signages that mention any time restrictions. There are plenty of parking spaces with time limitations that can range anywhere from 1 – 12 hours. Many parking spaces can also have Alternate Side Parking restrictions that can last up to 3 hours. Failure to move your vehicle during Alternate Side parking hours could result in expensive parking citations that can cost you up to $65. NYC DOT also has an eye out for any instance of Double Parking, and if you are found guilty, you will have to deal with expensive citations again. There are also chances of your vehicle getting towed away as well for a double-parking violation. It is also essential to ensure that registration or inspection stickers are visible to not get into any trouble for a missing sticker.   

When It comes to parking at popular boroughs like Brooklyn and Manhattan, there will always be locations that are pretty popular. Most of these spots will have limited availability for parking, and by all means, it’s always best to avoid these spaces. For instance, if you would like to enjoy a hassle-free parking experience in New York City, it’s highly recommended to avoid neighborhoods like the Columbia Street Waterfront District, the Cobble Hill, the Boerum Hill, the Columbia Street Waterfront District, and the Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn, and Hell’s Kitchen, Koreatown, the Civic Center, and the Flatiron District in Manhattan.   

Now how much you’ll have to shell out for NYC parking is something that can vary a lot from one person to another. Are you ok with parking at a random lot with minimal features, then you wouldn’t have to spend more than $25 for a day of parking? However, suppose you are someone who likes your car to be parked safest with premium faculties like contactless parking (which has become a sought-after feature of late). In that case, you’ll probably need to spend around $50 for a day, and this rate will keep on getting higher with each number of extra amenities that you add. When it comes to monthly parking, the rates again fluctuate with some of the best deals being offered for rates as low as $300 across popular parking websites like The parking lots located right next to premium attractions or leading hotspots in NYC also tend to charge higher rates than those offered by parking garages located farther away. If you are someone who does not have any hesitations with walking for 5 – 10 minutes, then you stand an even better chance of getting your hands on the best possible deals.   

Street parking is a cheaper alternative when you compare it with parking garages. However, most of the street parking spots are left unattended for hours. Almost all street parking spots in NYC also come with Alternate Side Parking restrictions, which prevents parking on both sides of the street for a limited time. If you fail to move your car out of the parking zone when ASP rules are in effect, you’ll be towed away.   

The situation is not that messed up that you’ll need to park your car at home and board a cab to your destination. You stand a chance to save more money, driving your own car, than hiring a cab in NYC. You could use the money; you would otherwise spend on hiring a cab on gas and drive almost three times as more. Having access to parking apps like the Way App, for instance, lets you pre-book a spot for NYC parking, well in advance, at the click of a button. This again ensures that you have a spot ready to drive into for parking in NYC.   

In a busy city like NYC, where time is money, pre-booking parking in New York City is of great importance. This ensures that you don’t get caught up in a frustrating, endless loop of driving around, looking for affordable parking in NYC. Pre-booking parking through parking apps will further help you compare the different prices and go for the parking lots with the lowest possible rates.   

If you are still unsure what alternate side parking is all about, ASP refers to a New York City traffic law that restricts street parking to just one side on a given day for a limited duration of time. The objective behind restricting parking to just one side is to allow the free flow of traffic, even as street cleaning occurs. Alternate side parking rules are in effect across different times and on different days. If you are not sure how to find out if the spot you chose has alternative restrictions or not, look for street signs with a “P” and broom across it, followed by a time restriction. Alternate Side Parking rules are suspended on significant holidays due to inclement weather and during emergencies.   

At the end of the day, it’s all about having a parking spot in New York City that matters the most and as long as you follow the basic guidelines, and with some luck, an NYC parking spot will be ready on time for you.