Top 9 Offshore Bank Account Considerations

Jan 18


Doug Snistosa

Doug Snistosa

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The top 9 issues relating to offshore bank accounts are discussed. This article will benefit anyone considering opening an offshore banking account in Panama or in any offshore jurisdiction.


One of the misnomers about an offshore bank account is that it is only for the very wealthy. An offshore corporation plus offshore bank account is more economical than one might think. An offshore bank account is an account that you open in a country or jurisdiction outside your own. Thus opening an offshore bank account is a good place to begin on the freedom road and such an offshore banking relationship can provide the foundation of what follows. The most obvious legitimate reason for opening an offshore bank account is the cash-flow advantage of getting interest on deposits paid gross,Top 9 Offshore Bank Account Considerations Articles without the withholding tax usually imposed on non-resident bank accounts. One of the numerous benefits of opening an Offshore Bank Account is that they are often situated within tax havens, which means that the individual pays less tax.

Offshore Bank Account

Most offshore bank accounts come with a cash card that can be used to withdraw funds anywhere in the world. Offshore Bank Accounts the Ultimate Protection Seeking to protect you money in an offshore bank account once someone has laid a claim to your assets just won't happen, its already too late. An additional benefit of an offshore bank account is that if you are not willing to leave a high tax nation you can benefit by moving money to a tax free secure and private haven. Asset security and privacy is what the offshore bank accounts and the financial world are designed to accommodate.

Opening an Offshore Account

To actually open an overseas bank account, you must firstly do some research - which country and which bank will be most suitable for your needs. Although you may not need any of these things; opening an offshore account can be as straightforward as just having a checking or savings account. Most people who open an overseas bank account want to enjoy the significant tax breaks that this will give them. A passport, a driving license, and a untilty bill are all you need to open an offshore account.


Offshore privacy can no longer be taken for granted. Having a offshore bank account may be something you can explore in regard to banking privacy, being insulated from predatory lawsuits, building your assets and to legally avoid excessive taxation. This is a popular choice for people who are very particular about their privacy and anonymity. For maximum privacy and asset protection, however, the best advice is this: Establish an offshore corporation to own your offshore bank account. The Anonymous Panama Corporation adds in a nice thick layer of privacy protection. Right now, a secure, private bank account is reserved for your personal use in countries with some of the strongest bank privacy laws on earth.


An offshore account is an excellent way to diversify investments and take advantage of global tax savings. Sure you have to report your earnings in most places and pay taxes, but you can still open up an offshore bank account for greater investment possibilities, protection from domestic lawyers who might want to sue you for your life savings and for greater financial privacy. And, you must report any interest payments or dividends you have received from any offshore investments made using that account. You can have instant access to the world's best investment opportunities, including currencies and precious metals without concern about your home nation's legal restrictions.


The proper way to open an offshore bank account is through an experienced law firm offering offshore legal services. As a matter of principle the rights to privacy can be suspended when a criminal investigation is underway. Don't rely on banking secrecy being upheld if you are engaging in illegal activites. Some countries like Panama are more tolerant than others.


Typically a tax free haven is offered by countries that have little or no means of exporting goods and services to offset the imbalance they would otherwise have in terms of their overall currency exchange. You may want to consider other services the bank offers, such as different types of accounts, credit cards and safety deposit boxes. There are advantages either way here - a larger bank may offer greater security and more services, but with higher fees. Many offshore banks offer a full range of private banking services, but have certain terms and conditions that need to be met by their clients. An offshore corporation combined with the quality banking and commercial services found in Panama consistently meet the needs of diverse types of clients.


If you're in regular receipt of international transactions it can make sense to establish an offshore company structure in a jurisdiction like the Seychelles where no tax is levied on income generated outside the jurisdiction and where such a company is not required to fill out annual financial or activity reports. Such a company can then open and hold an account which can be used for international personal OR business transactions. If you're moving overseas you have a number of choices available to you - you can let your current bank know and they may change your account type to be an international account. You can then use this account to pay bills back home and conduct international transactions.


The way these programs work is Visa and MasterCard do not know who the actual card holder is - no date of birth, no address, no tax id numbers etc. So a subpoena to MasterCard or Visa would produce very little and since the bank is in a country with bank secrecy this avenue is going to be a long burdensome process that would be unlikely to be pursued and could only be pursued by a government in a criminal matter. The more private way of doing this is to get a Visa or MasterCard debit card from another bank, not your Panama bank.

Bank ATM Debit Card

Some people obtain an ATM card from another unrelated financial institution. These cards typically have no name imprinted on them which right away adds to your privacy protection. These cards also do not leave a trail to your real bank. Money can be transferred to the ATM card by wire from your Panama or other bank account and then withdrawn as needed. Some people are fond of using these cards to cover corporate expenses like travel, entertainment and other business expenses. Usually the ATM card purchase requires a copy of a passport.

Offshore banking has many advantages, some of which include the access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions, and the lower cost and higher interest rate. You can use a foreign bank account as an integral tool in an aggressive, two-pronged offshore wealth strategy. In other words, an offshore private bank account is not just a place for safekeeping cash. You might think it is a bit odd at first to open an offshore account when away on holiday but if you are going to that destination anyway on holiday it makes something nice to do one day.